Discussions with international aid workers hosted by Steve Hutcheson

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Steve Hutcheson interviews aid workers and their support staff examining the life they lead in the field and their outcomes.



All of our guests are available as speakers to your event however they are located all over the world. Please check their profiles.



All aid workers consult, it is the nature of the industry. From project management to social mobilization to project design. 


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International aid workers  need stuff. Check out the catalogue of useful items and references that make  their  life easier.


There are an estimated 400,000 international aid workers in the world supported by some millions of national aid workers in the countries they work in. Each has a story to tell. As host, Steve Hutcheson has worked as an aid worker for almost two decades and brings to light some of his experiences  and has his guests  from around the world  add their stories to his weekly podcasts.


What Our Guests Say

Our guests offer their advice to anyone wanting to take up a career in international development.

“Listen more than talk, try to learn the languages where ever it is you are going.”

Homira Nassery

“Learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable and know when to leave”

Luc Chounet Cambas

“Get involved in the official volunteer programs and get your toes in the water.”

Russell Lewis

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